Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tired of certain issues

I can't seem to rid myself of that damn girl. Not that I've seen or talked to her in 2 months.
but I keep thinking about her. is it because I was that into this girl? or is it because I was simply wronged?
I think I was into her a lot more than I realized at first.
She was a girl who could take all my frenzied anal shit and then simply calm me down with a look or a few words. it's a rare characteristic.
I'm being dramatic I suppose.

I'm sick of my hair. I'm shaving it. I think i'm into utilitarianism. minimalism. manism.
starkism. fucking hardcoreism. fucking im angry and I'm not afraid to beat some ass-ism.
the age of the frufru man is coming to an end. vanity no more. at least in my mind.

I'm sick of polaroids. I'm sick of blown out photos. I'm sick of sun flairs. I'm sick of desaturation.
I'm sick of trends.

But how to avoid all these pitfalls...


Blogger sorry charlie said...

fucking bitches.

6:11 AM  

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