Saturday, December 19, 2009

What went wrong.

Who knows right?
Seemed like the evening was going well.
perhaps the sense of all my eggs in the basket is too obvious and off putting. especially to those younger at heart.
I was lost but not fooled.
for too long.
Is it too much to want someone to say they're the only one, who thinks I'm the only one.

but again. Maybe I wouldn't be happy with that.
but at this point feeling someone close and sharing a breath feels like the world to me.
then the cold excuse of sleep rears its head along with the subtle signs of the evening coming to an end.
so I'll see you tomorrow maybe. i wont be so tired. I should sleep. give me a hug. goodnight. thank you. i had fun.

not so subtle.

I've never taken Thank You as more of an insult. though I've been around the block.
I feel people should be blunt.
I'm not afraid
nor offended
of honesty.

here's my take.
I fall in love with a pretty face at a moments notice.

Can i fall asleep next to you?
Will you hold me?
Pretend like you need me.

cause I need you.
at least.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Rahul said...

good post man

2:02 PM  

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