Friday, October 20, 2006

dead man walking

Yes... its almost time. My flight out is about 24 hours away. Everything I own is in boxes and soon to be on the back of a truck, criss-crossing across America until it makes it way California.
Goodbye Midwest.

I dont really feel as though Im leaving though. Im not excited. Im not really that nervous anymore. Its just another day, making to do lists, being lazy, procrastinating, eating too much crap, and watching the seconds tic by.

Ive got all this damn paperwork to fill out, like seriously a books worth, to get security clearance.
I got a couple new shirts and ties... I guess I'll try not to get too lazy and look spiffy at work.

Work is good, learning new things is good, california is good, my apartment will hopefully be good. My rent check.... will not be good.

I wish they all could be California giiiiiirls... will be good.

I almost cried at dinner tonight. I guess it sorta hit me. Im one of those people that just might explode at any given moment. Hormonal I guess.

My mom is being ridiculous and trying to get me ever kitchen appliance that every existed. I now have a hand mixer, a cake mixer, a food processor, and a blender. All of which, in my mind, do the exact same thing. When the fuck am I gonna bake a cake. Seriously

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006


My first post... Im in Ohio... bored...
Im moving in a week. This makes me quite anxious.