Sunday, May 25, 2008

I just got....

this fuckin sucks.
I miss it. but i have to accept it.

If i think about it, i suppose it would have never worked super long term anyway.
ugh. I'll live.....

back to sorrow.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Oh how sweet it is. Roomies visit California...

Leave my apartment devasted. sort of. 5 hours of cleaning later its back to its previous condition.

We accomplished a lot. put about 400 miles on my car.. I think. Either way lots of driving.

They got here Wednesday. Had some pizza. Went back to work. That night we had veggie eats at the Spot and drank some scotch at my favorite neighborhood hang.
More work the next day. The boys hit the beach and almost drowned/got sunburned/doused my apartment in sand.
The night began with bowling, in which I scored 157, my california high score. My all time high score being 176 which I threw my junior year of highschool in gym class.
We made our way to Bollini's pizza... which was closing earlier since it was soo slow. we cried. they offered their old pizza. we took it for 10 and and ate and drank wine from the bottle in the parking lot. We hit up a taco truck in west LA right after then went out for a few drinks. The mandrake and barney's. Neither too exciting but just right to catch a buzz and bullshit.

Friday I was off and we went to the Museum of Jurassic Technology. weird. and not that amazing sans miniature sculptures inside the eye of a needle. The maze just confused me and the people that worked there creeped me out. Offering me tea and shit. of course Brendan and Farsh had to accept the offers.
We got lunch, milkshakes and then hit the Getty. Thoroughly impressive as usual. We hit Mulholland drive afterwards and drove down to hollywood. Did we go out that night? We went to the Smell downtown which is a small music venue that hosts small local bands.. shitty bands for the most part but im sure some of it is tolerable. I think we hit an off night. Abandon ship... and hit the Cha Cha lounge in Silverlake.

Saturday... damn a whole nother day!? fuck. We rode bikes to Venice beach.. those on beach cruisers complained. I took the frenchman as usual. The circus craziness of a nice saturday on the venice beach boardwalk was nice to see.
When we made it back we got some pizza, hit the mermaid, the underground, saw lots of drunk hermosa women... = asses hanging out of skirts.. etc...
I think my beard attracts women... cause girls were actually talking to me.. weird. I didnt talk to them though... Too scary. and I have a girlfriend.

Sunday we decided to hit the Geffen MOCA museum, Little Toyko, the normal MOCA, Disney concert hall. Then allll the way to Malibu and Zuma Beach. Hiking ensued. Then bevery hills for cupcakes and back to Hermosa for Thai.

Monday we hung out and hit up the Dodgers game that night. We met up with our old roomie Steph for lunch which was cool. and I had the best veggie chicken sandwich Ive ever had. amazing.

Overall a pretty jam packed and fun weekend. It was good to see everyone. Solemn feelings ensued after their departure. I think I'll make it up to Chicago at some point soon though. free ticket and all.

various images from the weekend on myspace.