Sunday, November 26, 2006

Thanksgiving Run Down

The meat of it is over. I have posted in a looong time but thats because my family has been here for 5 days. Coming to visit for Thanksgiving and all that. busy busy busy

Thursday we spent the day exploring west hollywood, hollywood, beverly hills.. etc.. Had thanksgiving dinner in santa monica at a french restaurant.. dont ask. Though the food was decent.

Friday was for errands, while my parents spent the day driving down the coast toward San Diego.
I activated the utilities, cable, internt.. blah blah

we went to dinner at this place called Spago.. supposedly a big hot spot. I saw Hillary Swank on Rodeo drive.. celebrity spotting number 1.
The food was damn amazing though. Saturday was shopping day.. fuckin sucked walking around that much..

I saw Alanis Morrisette and Ryan Reynolds... they both ride ducatis.. fuckers.

we also so Nikki Hilton, her ass is bigger then expected.

Im worn out.. today and tomorrow.. moving in... hopefully..

will update with pictures soon.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The California Experiment - Day 25

I just binged on chocolate chip cookies and carrot cake muffins. and milk.
for dinner I had frozen chicken flautas in a red cream sauce.

I bought an airline ticket to Chicago for Dec. 3oth. I shall be there for New Years festivities. Hopefully not 20 pounds fatter due to my hotel habits.

6 days till my potential move in. That will bring about some excitement. Along with the arrival of my family for Thanksgiving... and our potential french food for thanksgiving experience thanks to dad. yikes.

Im considering becoming one of those thrower-upper people.. but only for those times when I wanna eat a dozen donuts with chocolate milk.. I mean. Think about it. Its really not that bad If its only for recreational purposes. Why deprive myself of the joy of donuts all because Im affraid of clogging my arteries and getting wider around the middle. I guess it might take some getting used to.

So Ive gotta come up with a strategy to make some male friends. with out gayness.

I could go places where dudes hang out... like motorcycle clubs.

mine is thick like a can of pepsi

Friday, November 10, 2006

Yea.. its Friday Night in LA

and im shopping for microwaves and car insurance online. ...

maybe Ill go to Barnes and Nobles and be one of those guys... at Barnes and Nobles on a Friday night...

yup... or i could drive by the bars and look at the people going out with their friends...

Thursday, November 09, 2006

a lull in the storm

I just got a haircut cause I was bored...

yea.. i know. Its right down the street from my future apartment so I thought itd be worth a try.

Theres nothing to do till I move into my apartment... and that doesnt happen for another 12 days.
Then I can register my vehicles, change my address, etc.. etc... and buy more furniture.. maybe a tv... nothing till then...

time to eat more frozen pad thai on the couch

Thursday, November 02, 2006

hunting for a home

finding an apartment sucks balls... Especially when rent is more then my parents mortgage.. for a cramped one bedroom.

I found one that I like... and applied for it. $1500 a month.. a few blocks from the beach though... but 2 other people also saw it before me... fuck.. Im crossing my fingers that I get the place. I wrote the landlord a nice note along with the application stressing my job stability and overwhelming awesomeness. Hopefully he buys it. I really wanna rid myself of this stress. So i can take on the stress of other things.. such as insurace, car payments, finding a shoe repair place, a dentist, a doctor, and a haircut place...

i went grocery shopping.. bought lots of frozen products from trader joes.. that I eat alone on my hotel couch watching basic cable, dim light illumating my giant pile of rental listings, benefit packets, thesis notes, and used napkins.

I dressed as edward again. went to a party in a hotel ballroom. It was pretty ok..
getting to know my way around out here. I should meet some more people. I share an office with a pretty cool guy. He said we should go out sometime and grab a beer so that might be cool.

I figure things will go up from here.