Sunday, January 13, 2008


on sundays. Always.

woke up and cleaned. watched rocky balboa. sewed some shirt stuff. went on a bike ride. ate food. rice pudding.
the bike ride was nice. watched the sun set. it took forever. perhaps the slowest sunset I've ever seen. almost became annoyed by how long it took. lingering on that horizon for minutes and minutes and minutes.. hurry up and go down you fucker. I got shit to do.
but I told myself I'd wait. and I did.
I like watching everyone out there by the water. people with their girlfriends or boyfriends. people with their friends. people with their parents.babies. talking. running. biking. sitting. kissing. I like seeing everyone. babies are creepy though.
sometimes i figure if i sat there and did that all day people would think i was creepy.
maybe when i thought people were creepy they were just like me. and thought everyone was just interesting.
then that makes me feel alone a lot. I dont know why. im not necessarily alone. though I dont think I've had any direct human contact for about 36 hours.

i had a fake beef omelet. with chalula. and rice pudding with cinnamon. already said that though.

i watched a movie about john lennon. he was naked a lot in the seventies.
and he was just a dude.
im considering taking a picture of my new t-shirt.

I have to go to the courthouse tomorrow morning to get a court date for a ticket i got. for making an illegal right hand turn. what the fuck is that. hopefully that fuckhead that pulled me over doesnt show up.

it smells like nasty cigarettes. i wanted fresh air and opened the door. neighbor smokes. gross.

i want something to do. but i dont wanna leave my apartment. friends birthday at some bar down here. asked me to stop by. perhaps I will. though its sunday. and sundays are restless.

restless sunday.

Monday, January 07, 2008

I'm Alive!

more to come later I suppose. I've been quite busy about this stuff. but i shall resume blogging soon.