Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Fog Coming In

Pretty hardcore marine layer this weekend.
A short weekend, but its been nice. Taking way too many photos I think.
and still waiting to order my new camera.
I don't know why I haven't pulled the trigger yet. I guess I don't know where to order the damn thing from. I mean.. I'll get it in my hands either way, but I want it now!
I spent a lot of money this weekend on things I've been meaning to buy for a while.
bike rack, hand pump, groceries, 50mm canon lens.

so this girl i was gonna take pictures of, turns out shes been couch surfing for two weeks after she came here from texas to live with her lesbian lover who then dumped her.
So after we shot i told her she could sleep on my couch. she's still here.
how do you like just leave home with nowhere to go?
fucked family I suppose. It's a shame people don't grow up with equal opportunities.
I guess I have to dump her off to some other couch this afternoon before I leave for another photo shoot thingy.

Taking pictures of wild animals has proved to be very frustrating.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

So I've decided to start Updating my blog again.

I think I'd like to make it a photography showcase / blog. sort of the non fixfixfix photography stuff.
can you post photos directly on here? or do you have to link it through flickr or photobucket or some shit.

the fixfixfix site is almost up actually. Justinline has been working feverishly for little compensation for the past couple weeks and I think we could definitely have something in the next week or so... maybe.
remember I'm an anal retentive perfectionist and have a hard time letting people see anything that isn't perfect. according to me.

anyway, its gonna be bomb. and hopefully i can make like 5 dollars from ad revenue.

ok so here's my first blog photo. this is Blake. she's cool.

for the record, ive never made out with any of the models.
lame huh?