Thursday, December 28, 2006

home for the winter shutdown

my eyes burn.. not enough sleep... nothing to do during the day cause everyone has what they call Jobs out here. New years in chicago, more burning of the eyes, then home to California... yup home.

I havent done much really.. got a hair cut, got some cologne cause I figured Id start doing that, saw some good friends. Hopefully I get to see more of em..

went to some shity old local bar, was like a highschool reunion. weird.. and jackasses are still jackasses, most of the girls are now fatasses, and others havent changed at all.

got was awoken early by the sound of a vacuum, my parents flew to canada, and ive got the house to myself.. woohoo party time.. not really though.

My to do list includes buying stuff i dont really need. new ducati motorcycle jacket.

shipping my dads old stereo equipment to california.. further adding to my collection of stuff.

I still need renters insurance.

chinese for lunch.

that is all.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

my prayers have been answered...

though I enjoy Cock in a Box more then Dick in a Box... but still...

Saturday, December 16, 2006

All I gotta say is...

Cock in a Box...

probably the most hilarious thing ive seen on saturday night live in a damn long time.. lets pray this clip makes it to YouTube so those not able to witness it tonight can re-live the hilarity...

Thursday, December 14, 2006

I couldnt feel any pooeyer

Seriously.. and no ones around to take care of me and give me medicine... my stomach hurts, im pooping uncontrollably, i have a fever, im cold, im sweating, and i had to leave work early ... I feel like a fuckin wuss. Im weak.

and alone...

and cold...
and i have no medicine
and i too weak to get up...

and my entire body is sore.. and throbing..

fuckin shit monkey

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

finally my apartment...

Hope these pictures arent too huge, but this is my apartment...

The Living Room
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Ze Kitchen
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The Shitter
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The Bedroom
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and finally the view from my living room...
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shake and bake

So i experienced my first California earthquake on monday morning at 630.. woke me up.. shook me up.. a bit.

it was a 2.7.. nothing major and sorta fun. but still quite weird.

Friday, December 01, 2006

i just realized

I lived in a hotel for 39 straight days...

It really didnt feel that long. but when you think about it. its almost forever.

Im still working on the whole friends thing. Coming home to an empty apartment every night sorta gets old. To amplify the situation I cant get my furnace to work so its like 59 degrees in here. Cold aggravates the lonely ya know.

so my apartment has two personalities.. my living room is my ultra hip minimilist post modern cold side.. while my bedroom is my full of my stuff, corners exploding and messy side. its a good balance.. yuppie..

on a side note, my neighbor either masterbates or has sex at elevated volumes in the evenings after work. I think her bedroom is through the wall of my living room. I think the next time I hear such activities I will wait till she is almost at climax and then go knock on her door to introduce myself. Maybe shes cute... if shes not I might get grossed out.. maybe its best I dont see what she looks like.

a couple of my neighbors are quite friendly.. the others I dont see much. I feel like they should all come to my door and say hello, perhaps throw a party for me.

Im still working on things, but when im done I promise I shall take and post some photos of the place.

Hanging pictures sort of makes me forget Im alone.