Sunday, March 18, 2007

throat puss!!

Ok soo these are just links to pictures of my amazing throat... you all should take a look...

the First one includes an amazing close up of my upper lip while the second delves deeper into the abyss.

Let me know what you all think...

overwhelming sense of blah

After being ridiculously sick the past week I went to the hospital on saturday. The doctor said its the worst throat hes ever seen. They gave me two shots in my ass, one of hardcore antibiotic cause the stuff i was on wasnt working well, and one of steroids to decrease the swelling.

Surprisingly today I feel like a million times better.

I took all my fish back to the store cause I feel like i want some goldfish instead of lame little fish...
Theres no one to go to the fish store with me to pick new ones out. That makes me feel ridiculously lonely for some reason. I think its cause Ive basically been quarantined for a week and have had zero hug contact which I need a lot of.

On another note, the big ten blew it this weekend.. Illinois, Indiana, Michigin State, Purdue, Wisconsin.... alll blew it.

ok.. well im gonna try to find a couple cool goldfish now.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

havent changed much

so after listening to Michaels clips from the tape I sent him in Spain I realize that though I may have changed a bit in 5 years... my personality is fundamentally the same. I want what I want when I want it. but ehh... Ive learned to deal...

on another note... Ive got some sort of chronic sickness thing. Where i get well enough to go to work during the week then on friday night i crash, get a fever and a sore throat that keeps me in bed. blah.. then I try to get out and do something outside and it gets worse. This has happened the past 3 weekends.. I think im actually gonna see a doctor.

Im also feeling an undeniable urge to find someone i can connect with with and settle down for a bit. Every girl ive met out here starts out cool and then turns into a lamo in a few weeks. I feel like ive got no one to just call up whenever I need a friend just to hang out and hug...

anywhoo... so tired.. eyes burning
i rode my bicycle about 15 miles up to the airport along the beach.. then came home and got a fever
took some medicine, felt better... then went on a long motorcycle ride... then feel crappy again.

i just wanna feel better.

i just wanna find someone i can relate too.

and someone I can hug when I need one.

bleh.. more complaining.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

fuckin shit monkey ass bitch

im a fuckin light weight.. I get drunk off of like two beers and wimp out...

and im always tired. and fat. and lazy

I should probably go to bed...