Tuesday, April 17, 2007

new bicycle.. hell yea

I really didnt mean to spend that much on it.
but i like it. Rides well. Looks pretty hardcore... another money pit. fuck.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

not bad?

Sunday, April 15, 2007

bah.. confidence ruined

another weekend goes by. fun times with Ben and Chris. saw some former faces that didnt give me the time of day. a bit discouraging. some new faces that faired the same. I guess I dont get it. my apartments a fucking mess. hopefully tomorrow we get cleaned a bit.

I guess its for the best because eventually my time will come right?.. right?

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Lets travel back in time.. the year is


I found these amaazing photos at work this week. We're moving from one building to another and everyone is cleaning out their offices. Its a big deal here, a lot of people are going from window offices to cubicles in a giant windowless building.

In anycase, someone threw out a giant stack of really old company photos from the sixties and seventies.. lots of shots of old satelites, equipment, parts. It really pretty interesting. The shots are all 8 by 10, pretty good quality prints so i took about 20 of the coolest ones to frame and hang. Its gonna be my sixties mod space themed wall.. Anyway I found this one absolutely amazing photo of a model posing infront of a satelite. Took a picture with my phone.. I know its sucky quality but the original is great.

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pretty fuckin cool huh?

a lot of the shots are like this cept no model.. too bad

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Another eventful weekend thats left me withered..

A friend in town is always an excuse to do things a bit out of the ordinary... Like going out on a thursday night and then goin to work the next day at 7. One of my bestest of friends, Neset, came to visit from Dallas this week. Hes one of those financial analyst working 100 hour weeks types. and so took a well deserved break for a few days to relax, get wasted, and make out with girls. I did the best I could to arrange all three.

Friday I worked a half day then we hung out by the beach. took my shirt off in public, horrifying since im a bit chunky around the middle and pale as a turk who lives in a cave. Ate lunch at In and Out burger.. a double double with cheese and well done fries. A real help to my cause. That night we went to Silver lake (LA's indie haven) to see a band called the Thermals. A good show. Lots of cute rocker chickies to remind me how I wouldnt mind finding one to call mine. Justin and Neset make for a pretty good hang. Everyday that goes by I feel myself assimilating a bit more to this whole place.

On a side note im listening to the new Arcade Fire. Pure gold. Inspiring. and perhaps has even moved me to tears at certain points. Though I blame this on the slight feelings of emptiness Ive been feeling lately when it comes to finding a woman who can bowl me over.

After the show we drove back down to Hermosa and had a few drinks at our beloved Barnacles. Pretty hopin. Surprising, but it was a Friday night. Needless to say I was in a bit of a scorned and bitter mood. Expressed through random outbursts of curse words also containing the word Monkey 98% of the time. Dropped Justin off at his place around 230. Got a text from a friend who waitresses at a strip club which threatened to end our friendship if i didnt show up at the club that night. So at 315 Neset and I found ourselves paying 7 bucks for a bottle of water and watching nakie girls dance around a pole. Though my attention was more focused on my friend, who I may have a slight crush on, but really shows no interest in me. I dont get much out of her in general. shes a bit of a mystery to me.

Saturday we ran a few errands. My goldfish with fungus died even though I spent more then 20 dollars on medicine. Keep in mind the fish cost me 2.99. Needless to say I got a new one. I like him. He's a bit too fond of nibbling on my plants though. Early in the evening Neset and I began drinking and had a pretty good bonding experience. Talking about life, our lives, stories, girls, and what we've come to realize. When you see a person once every few years these experiences feel good. We went and met my friend Sarah and some her cronies at a bar down on the Pier. Danced. Got wastey.

I had called Justin and told him to come meet us. Needless to say he waited in line for an hour and then left. I can only imagine the frustration. And i felt like a dick face for leaving him out there on his own. But I also didnt wanna leave Neset in there or leave and go to a different bar which normally would have been my game plan. Justin was cool though.

Ended up at my place for the "after party" which consisted of Sarahs gay friend Justin(#2) drinking 8 shots of my vodka and trying to get Neset to remove his shirt. Which after an hour happened anyway. A couple broken glasses. And me being anal about people stepping on my air mattress. I try to be a good host. Slumber party. My apartment can surprisingly sleep 6 without too much trouble.

Woke up.. drove everyone home. Found the mysterious Beard Papa ( www.beardpapa.com ) and had a cream puff. My moms are way better. I miss them. Came home and watched the Masters like real men. Packed up, cleaned up. Fat Burger. i had turkey though... for real.

Tonight I saw the new Will Ferral movie. Not that good for real. I mean. ok. but not laugh out loud good. Maybe it was the 4 hours of sleep.

Solid weekend. Work tomorrow. Ben and Chris coming to visit this coming weekend. Perhaps a repeat with some additions involving better food less laziness and maybe a good hug.

Im getting old enough to be an adult. Im impatient, stubborn, and I cant stand kids, assholes, dick face bad drivers, people who give me dirty looks, and douche bag guys who have girlfriends that seem to love them. I think some physical activity will give me release from the overwhelming urge to punch a lot of people in the face. My new bicycle is coming in the mail tomorrow. I shall have pictures.

Up too late again. Good night all.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

A pretty fuckin solid weekend

Had a pretty damn solid weekend and there's still 38 minutes left.

Friday night i went to a show down in Long Beach, a band called the Mathematicians.. rocked pretty damn hard. I recommend lookin them up if you get the chance...

Saturday was a day of victory.. Ohio State. That night I went up to Venice with my friend Justin, hung out for a bit, got a little wastey, and went to the Troubador for another show, Earl Greyhound.

The drummer from the FOo Fighters was there.. and so was Jean Grey from the X men.. famka jansen or some shit.. she was freaakin hot ha. it ended with a dance party at carter and michis.. fun times.

Today was a long one. Motorcycle ride up to the valley for a bday bbq.. then took mulholland drive which was freakin awesome all the way to the hollywood sign then back down laural canyon road to west hollywood to stop by emilys apartment to say hello.. and then finally down to Culver City for justins bday bbq.. which was amazing. I love being around good people. Hangin. Talkin. seeing people be happy and just enjoy each others company.. good fuckin times.