Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tired of certain issues

I can't seem to rid myself of that damn girl. Not that I've seen or talked to her in 2 months.
but I keep thinking about her. is it because I was that into this girl? or is it because I was simply wronged?
I think I was into her a lot more than I realized at first.
She was a girl who could take all my frenzied anal shit and then simply calm me down with a look or a few words. it's a rare characteristic.
I'm being dramatic I suppose.

I'm sick of my hair. I'm shaving it. I think i'm into utilitarianism. minimalism. manism.
starkism. fucking hardcoreism. fucking im angry and I'm not afraid to beat some ass-ism.
the age of the frufru man is coming to an end. vanity no more. at least in my mind.

I'm sick of polaroids. I'm sick of blown out photos. I'm sick of sun flairs. I'm sick of desaturation.
I'm sick of trends.

But how to avoid all these pitfalls...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Isolated in a City of Millions

It's a weird feeling to realize.
Is it impossible to make true friends after a certain age?

Photoshoot yesterday with a couple of nice girls. they went off to hollywood for a night on the town.
I go home to edit photos.

I did go to the racetrack earlier to watch some horses run. Good times. I failed to place any bets.
I'm saving my luck for vegas.

Neighbors had a party. I was invited.
Dreams of my apartment building becoming Melrose Place coming true.
good people overall. regular.
nothing too exciting.
mystery wines.
drinking games.
newly married couples and yuppies.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thanksgiving approaches

a trip to New Jersey looms.

should be exciting to get to the east. My friend Jess will be in town so I'll actually have someone to hang with. I've been trying to arrange a photoshoot, but so far no bike. lots of models.
models are easy.

why the fuck do i not know anyone in new york with a bicycle.
Lots of people rides bikes. I've seen it.
I might put a post on the website asking. we shall see.


Sunday, November 08, 2009

Morning Light Awakens Me


this girl is beautiful...

Therefore she has a boyfriend.
Is this a common a trend? I think so.

I'm considering joining one of those online dating sites.. but I really don't even have the motivation to fill out all those damn questions and post photos of myself. yikes.
facebook should just start a dating section.. all my shits already on there.
even though I make it a point to post only my most unflattering photos there.

Hope she's into fake mustaches and dick hugger suit pants.
cause thats my bag baby.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Drunk at 7 pm.

is this what old people do?
go to happy hour right from the office and have three beers.
cop a mild buzz and then drive home to eat a microwave burrito in the company of an 18 pound cat?

the pixies will save my night.
also. this girl I shot told me she likes to give blowjobs in public places.

I may call her this evening.

that is all.