Tuesday, June 12, 2007

milk shakes and smoothies.... whats the difference?

are milkshakes defined as milk based frozen drinks while smoothies are fruit juice based?
what about a fruit and milk based frozen drink??

ive been debating this for a few days.
I went to smoothie place.. and ordered a mocha smoothie... Banana, chocolate, and a coffee base! so is this a fruit or milk? there was also "milk ice" in it.. which was basically ice cream i think. bastards.

im making these amazing drinks for dinner now. Frozen banana, frozen strawberry, a scoop of double churned, a scoop of cocoa powder, a scoop of sugar, and milk until the consistency is correct.


also for kicks you can add instant coffee for a "mocha"

i figure having one for dinner everyday instead of actual food will lead to great things.

tomorrow im going to see Hot Chip. friday sage francis is playing.. i may go.. thursday im goin to a local show.. a pretty ok band..

i wanna make out with girls that im totally into. where are they?