Saturday, April 19, 2008

My Favorite Time of Day


Friday, April 18, 2008

Ahh. It's been quite a while old friend. Lots of happened.

I think I might have a girlfriend of some kind.
Yes she's 35. but she's pretty awesome.

I've got my parents here this weekend. I havent seen them in months so its nice having them around.
Last weekend Ben/mike came to visit from chicago. Another action packed weekend. and lo and behold I've got three ole bastards coming to visit me in May.
I'm pretty psyched about this. though since im quite anal Im afraid I might go nuts be time the week is up.
Start planning out amazing things to do. I could have enough bikes by then to have one for everyone but I think Im selling my first fixie and using the money to put together a cool looking beach cruiser. which will still only leave me with 3 bikes. I suppose I could hold off on selling the one till after. but i get excited about things and need to get them done right quick.
We can always rent a bike and split it.

Ive been making good work of my to do lists. this brings me great joy.
tomorrow I'll clean my motorcycle and I think today I'll get things together for the dry cleaners.

I wish god would vacuum all the dust from the world and shoot it into space where it can never land on another coffee table ever again.

The midwest doesnt have dust like california.

hmmm concerts? lets see. I saw the hotel cafe tour. you know the singer songwriter stuff I like because its what I wish I sounded like on guitar.
Oh i saw foo fighters on a whim. I got radiohead tickets for august.
Im growing a beard.
my goal is to have the biggest beard of my life. Hopefully they wont think im converting to islam or some shit like that at work.

my car needs its 20,000 mile service. the dealershit wants 400 bones. though this cool VW only mechanic dude says he can do it for half that. does that void the warrenty?
Do i need a warrenty?

i keep getting Spin magazine in the mail and I never read it. kindling

I bought a new video game called Katamari Damacy. for anyone who has playstation 2 I say look into it hardcore cause its amazing. I cant do drugs. but if i could, Id do them and play this game.
its from japan. and your this little dude sent here from space to rebuild the stars by rolling up anything and everything onto a little sticky ball until it gets huge.
You start by rolling up thumb tacks and the like and then eventually you get to household pets, people, cars, buildings, countrys, continents, plants, solar systems... I think. I havent got that far.

I guess they have it for Xbox 360 too, called Beautiful Katamari... mmm in HD.

My dad said i was getting fat. fuck. i mean I could always lose a few. You know we all wanna look ripped on the beach while spiking the ball in neon green shorts with sweet oakleys and athletic straps.

I finished building the neon devil. There are pictures on myspace and stuff.

My fish Gilbert died. then I got Bobert. then I got Calvin. Calvin died. Bobert rejoiced.

Time to go be productive.
I need a new tattoo