Tuesday, January 16, 2007

What I see when I come home from work

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Thats the ocean over those apartments....

and this is the glowing blue orb i got at Ikea cause I didnt have anything better to do...

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Friday, January 05, 2007

cause its friday night, and the mood is right..

soo I was in Chicago for new years.. only 1.75 days. Mike did not return my call so i was not able to see my former roomies and such. Jessi from syracuse was mad at me for not talking to her.. i do live in california.. and I had no one to make out with at midnight...

Instead I just did this.
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It was almost as fun as making out while extremely drunk.
My friend Laura from chicago now has a boyfriend and also did not return my calls.
My exgirlfriend Kayla also did not pick up call back.
I did not call my exgirlfriend Paige because I knew that would make her just hate me more.

Its friday night.. tough week.. i got my dads old stereo, though forgot to ship the remote. fuck.

Tomorrow Im gonna get one of those ipod hook ups... and also some money on electronics and other crap I could do without.

I got a new motorcycle jacket. I think Ill try to convince some hot babe to go riding with me.

My heater was broken, then fixed, now broken again... I really dont feel like talking to my landlord.

Also I may commence painting a couple of the walls in my apartment.
New front tire for my motorcycle..

watch tv. read magazines.