Saturday, March 27, 2010


don't take a girl you just started dating to see Greenberg.
She will wake up at 2:00 AM, dump you, then leave your apartment.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ghost Ridin' the Whip



worked till 10 pm on Friday.
took 2500 photos.
lost 5 pounds.
drove 200 miles.
went to a party in a castle where Emile Hirsch (the dude from Into the Wild) and porn stars 'Dane Cross' and 'Faye Reagen' were in attendance.
had cheesecake with someone I used to think was evil.
played with Stimpy.
took more photos.

Friday, March 05, 2010

I write people emails like this....

Hey, thanks for responding. I'm not meaning to make assumptions about you. and I'm not trying to be abrasive. I'm trying to explain how others, or rather more specifically, I am interpreting your actions or in this case non-actions.

and its good for you to be aware of how others interpret you, even if you're not going to change, it makes you conscious of why some people may not respond well.

I'm not making things up about you, again I'm interpreting your actions.

I understand what you're saying and that it takes awhile for you to come around.
I guess on my end, I'm not one to constantly be persistent with someone with out any reciprocation.

You say you respond to persistence, but before you left on your trip you stopped responding to me for a couple weeks even when I was being persistent. So then I tried asking you what was up.
I guess I don't remember exactly what you said. I'm assuming you don't want to be in a relationship, don't want to form an attachment, etc. and just told me to "chill" or whatever
and thats fine. I understand.
I just liked you and wanted to spend time with you, without any sort of labels or assumptions. and I needed to know specifically what your feelings were.
So when you aren't responding to persistence, I guess I can just assume you're not interested.
but I don't like assuming. I just like straight forward answers.
and if I don't get those im in a constant state of emotional limbo and for closure and to move on I needed to hear from you.

yes i dont know much about you, but understand I'm just responding to what you put forward.

I feel like this spiraled way out from what it should be.
let me recap.

i guess i get confused really easily

1. we started hanging out and there was some sort of spark
2. we hung a few times and I think enjoyed each others company and you were responding to me etc in a normal fashion, talking on a daily basis, seeing each other 1 or 2 times a week.
3. the last time we hung out we spent a whole day together and i really liked it.
4. the next two weeks after that I carried on as usual and pursued seeing you again.
5. you stopped responding to me in a normal fashion and I assumed something was up because you didn't show any interest to see me before you left.
6. since i couldn't get a response from you perhaps I was too persistent and you responded in a negative fashion, telling me to "chill" and that nothing was wrong.
7. this is when I just wanted a straight forward answer about if you were interested in still hanging out, just a yes or no.
8. I dont think I got a straight answer, just that you act this way with everyone. but also that you don't want a relationship, I hope I conveyed that that wasn't what i was after, jsut for things to continue as they were.
9. I left you alone for nearly a month. figuring you would keep in touch if in some manner.
10. and now this, where apparently i've bothered you enough because of my confusion and perception of ambiguity on your part, that you aren't interested in a friendship any longer. I guess I didn't get the difference between you not being interested at all or you waiting for me to be persistent.
11. this gap is now probably irreparable based on our limited history with each other. though I would be willing to try if you would be too because I truly did enjoy you.

sooo does this all seem accurate? please fill in any gaps if you feel there are any or give your version, because this is just how ive interpreted things

i shall mail you your necklace sometime soon.
later hot potater,


...Because I am Insane.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I actually want to stay in tonight. water my plants. edit photos. and start my taxes.

who the fuck am I?

Saturday, January 30, 2010

This is.

Her. I don't know if she likes me though.
she's young.
and without roots yet.
and I tend to scare those types of women.
Or perhaps have perpetually bad timing.
So for now I suppose I'll just play it cool.
Even though that's always difficult.
I have a tendency to want to jump into regularity.

A lot of these turned out cool.


Monday, January 25, 2010

Work taking over life

I can feel it slowly creeping in... an extra 15 minutes at a time.
I will resist.
I don't care about work that much. and its not worth a couple hundred extra dollars.
Been working lots of overtime.
but keeping up with everything else in the mean time.
I met a girl
named Juliet. so far I like her.

this is not her.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

At work on a Saturday night...

Pretty Amazing.